Ayalik: My partner is Inuit and he's from Greenland, so when we do long distance we really do long distance [laughs]. And whether he's in Denmark or Greenland — he's also an actor, he's an artist, so we do spend a lot of time apart. And we wrote this, it has sort of a mournful, sad thing to it and the voice at the beginning is actually my partner singing a traditional Greenlandic song that's sort of called "The Sad Song." He says there's no real translation to the words but it's just a phrase and that's a tune that people sing if they're sad.

So he recorded that and then sent it to us and we incorporated it into another one of our shows during a particularly sad, heartbreaking part of the show ... it was actually a seven- or 10-minute improv — but then we sort of distilled it down to the essence of that musicality and for a long time it was just called "Sad Song" because we didn't really know what else to call it. But then I was looking around for translations for "strait," like the David Strait between Canada and Greenland. It's the space between two land masses. And so we settled on Ikersuaq, which is a Greenlandic word for "strait" or "the water between two bodies of land" … it's our homage to our Greenlandic-Canadian love connection. While we're never together [laughs].



from Shelter as we go​.​.​., released July 7, 2017



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Quantum Tangle Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Fusing of old-world sounds and new-world flair, the Juno Award-winning group Quantum Tangle is embracing their blended background. Combining their talents of throat singing, haunting melodies and traditional legends, Grey Gritt and Tiffany Ayalik are excited to present pieces that look back through history to challenge, educate and encourage the next generation to be socially aware. ... more

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