Love is Love Pt​.​1

from by Quantum Tangle



Ayalik: I love this song so much.

Gritt: Yeah, me too.

Ayalik: It's got a really beautiful story behind it. We were asked to write a song for a couple that was coming up to Yellowknife for [a] destination wedding from Los Angeles and one of the guys is Indigenous, he's part Cherokee, and they both wanted to get married in a place where it felt timeless, where they would feel safe, where they would feel accepted — and where it could feel like they were in a place pre-contact and before outside authorities told us who we could love or what we could do.

So we had a few Skype meetings with them and got to know their story and just fell in love with these two guys because they're just this beautiful couple and we asked them to send us pictures and stories about how they met and this and that, just to get to know them a bit, and they both have to work away from home a lot, so they do spend a lot of time apart. And one thing that they will often say to each other is, “I think you forget that I love you, just making sure you remember.” And so immediately we burst into tears because we're always on the road too and we don't always have the luxury of our partners coming with us, so we totally tapped into that feeling because it's pretty raw for us also. So we wrote this song and ... it's sort of our anthem to love — also and that there's many different types of love and —

Gritt: Many different types of relationships.

Ayalik: Yeah, totally. And just that they're valid and between consenting adults, who are we to say anything otherwise. And you know this idea of judgment and shame is just so not a part of who we are just as people, but also from the cultures that we come from, there were many different family structures that were accepted and celebrated and have value. So yeah, it was kind of our love anthem.


Love is Love Pt.1

A bridge between two people
A link between two hearts
A path into the future
I do was not the start

You met me on my path
You helped me on my way
I love you now and always
And I’ll remind you everyday

I think you forget that I love you,
Just making sure you remember I do
I think you forget that I love you,
Just making sure you remember I do

No matter where we wander
I’ll get lost with you, and you with me
Across the land, sky, and water
When you’re by my side I’m free

The road will wind and turn
The light will fade and dim
Through the dark he’ll hold my hand
And I will stand by him


Before ticking time and man-made laws
Before we learned to fear what’s up above
We all walked the earth with gentle steps
Not banished to our loneliness

Old is new
Love is love
When I’m with you
Love is love


from Shelter as we go​.​.​., released July 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Quantum Tangle Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Fusing of old-world sounds and new-world flair, the Juno Award-winning group Quantum Tangle is embracing their blended background. Combining their talents of throat singing, haunting melodies and traditional legends, Grey Gritt and Tiffany Ayalik are excited to present pieces that look back through history to challenge, educate and encourage the next generation to be socially aware. ... more

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