Tiny Hands (Reimagined)

from by Quantum Tangle



Gritt: I think that was inspired by our live performances. At first we tried performing “Tiny Hands” with kind of the back-track ... and singing. And we were finding it wasn't as hard-hitting as we felt the song was recorded. And so finally we're like, “We gotta redo this.” … So we figured out a way to perform it live and we just loved it so much that we were like, we should include this.... We find that it feels a bit darker and it feels a bit more —

Ayalik: Melancholy

Gritt: Melancholy, yeah. And we just love it so much. So we felt like maybe this reinterpreted way of sharing it would bring about a different emotion or a different feeling toward the song, and we wanted to share that.

Ayalik: You might pick up on different lyrics in this version than you would in the original version.



Tiny Hands

What have you seen in your short, long life?
Where did those tiny feet roam?
All the things you have done,
on top of being a wife
a daughter, a mother, a home


What have you seen in your short long life?
What has your heart overcome?
The traditional ways that are hidden away
Can be revived by the beat of a drum

What have you seen in your short, long life?
What did those tiny hands do?
Stretching, scraping, fixing, making
Mending the skins that our souls fit within
Stitching nothing can undo


What have you seen in your short long life
A witness to so many wrongs
Relocation, damnation, and misinformation
Summation: our nation’s still strong

What have you seen in your short long life?
When did they silence your voice?
The stories they spun made you swallow your tongue
Made you feel like it was your choice



from Shelter as we go​.​.​., released July 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Quantum Tangle Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Fusing of old-world sounds and new-world flair, the Juno Award-winning group Quantum Tangle is embracing their blended background. Combining their talents of throat singing, haunting melodies and traditional legends, Grey Gritt and Tiffany Ayalik are excited to present pieces that look back through history to challenge, educate and encourage the next generation to be socially aware. ... more

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